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Our Mission:

The Connecticut Area Reef Society is a non-profit organization club that involves and educates people about aquatic life and the aquarium hobby.

The purpose of CTARS is to promote interest in and the enjoyment of all aspects of the marine aquarium hobby, to educate the public on topics related to the biology, physiology, and chemistry of reef ecosystems through the sponsorship of meetings, lectures, publications, websites, competitions, exhibits and other means, to provide a forum for sharing resources and information among local aquarium enthusiasts, to support research, education and conservation efforts aimed at improving marine and coral reef environments, to involve and educate people about aquatic life and the aquarium hobby, to work with local vendors to promote sustainable harvesting of reef resources, and use the best collection practices possible and to foster camaraderie, friendship and appreciation of aquatic life.

In a nutshell, CTARS provides a reason (excuse for some) for people in Connecticut and surrounding areas, with the common interest of reef keeping, to get together and share knowledge and experience of this hobby. This knowledge and experience will promote responsible husbandry through proper tank set-up, maintenance and appropriate stocking of our reef tanks.

 Photo's courtesy of Franky Rivera

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