Joining CTARS is simple! Here's how...

Just show up at any meeting. If you like the club, then you can pay the annual membership dues of $20.00*. Everybody is welcome, no matter what their experience level or specific interests in the aquarium hobby. We look forward to meeting you at the next meeting!

Join or renew on-line - You can also join at a meeting or send payment to the address at the bottom of this page.

Contact Jason for more information. 

Interested in joining CTARS? Of course you are! We have many benefits to joining our club - and you can save the cost of joining in just the first time you use your membership card for a discount at an LFS, or when you order supplies and equipment from one of our group buys.

There are several good reasons to join CTARS. Some of the benefits of joining are at a personal level, such as knowledge and "free stuff" for your tank, but more importantly, as a group, we can do good things for the hobby.

Some of the reasons to join are:

1) Meet great people who have the same interests in the saltwater hobby as you do. Learn from other members' experience in a no pressure atmosphere. Unlike the advice you may receive at a local fish store (LFS), CTARS members can give you unbiased opinions products and livestock. It is the best way to learn about the hobby.

2) Great source for frags. We trade and raffle frags at every meeting. Many of the more proliferate corals, such as Xenia, Colt coral, green star polyps, leather corals, mushrooms and polyps are donated to new members. Macro algae can always be had for free. You can also trade sand bed samples with other members to improve the diversity of your sand bed organisms or reseed your sand bed.

3) Raffles. A chance to win more expensive corals for the price of a few raffle tickets ($1.00 each or 6 for $5.00). We also have gift certificates as prizes from different local fish stores.

4) Discounts at several local stores ranging from 10% to 20% for card carrying members.
Group Buys and Specials. 

5) Great Speakers! Once or twice year CTARS hosts a well-known expert in the hobby for a special meeting. Our first speaker was Eric Borneman, author of "Aquarium Corals".

6) CTARS does good work for the hobby. Money collected from dues and raffles has gone to support the purchase of netting materials for Phillipino fish harvesters so they do not have to use cyanide in the collection of fish. We have also donated money to Borneman's Elegance coral project.

7)CMAC (CTARS Marine Aquarium Conference). This is where over two dozen vendors get together in one place as well as two to four speakers for an amazing day for any saltwater enthusiast. It's like Christmas all over again!

Who are our members?

We have members from all walks of life: Students (college and high school), teachers, machinists, IT guys (and gals) members of the allied health services (I love that term). Experience ranges from those who still haven't purchased a tank, to those that with 5-10 years with reef tanks. Many people are also into freshwater fishes too. Interests in the hobby range from nano-tanks dominated by zoos, to 200 gallon SPS tanks. We have folks who are skimmerless to folks with ozone enhanced skimmers. Sump and sumpless. Guys who are crazy about Angelfish to gals who love seahorses. There is even one gentleman who only talks about shrimp. Basically, if it can go in a salt water tank, we have someone who has experience with it.

One special note. We are a family friendly club. Many members bring their toddlers and or kids with them to the meeting. Spouses are welcome too.

* - memberships follow the calendar year (expire at the end of the year). If you sign up after October 1st, your membership is good for the following year. Some have asked why we don't pro-rate the membership fee if you sign up in the middle of the year - we would if our membership fee was expensive. It is only $20, and you can make that back on your first purchase at one of the sponsors who offer discounts with your membership card.

If you can't make it to a meeting or pay by PayPal online, you can mail payment by emailing Stephanie  to get the mailing address. You will need to download, print and send a copy of this form along with your payment. 

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